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took my car to the dealer yesterday

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Was an interesting trip. My ses light keeps coming on and I have had the cold start and bucking problems since I bought the car. Well I told them I wanted that fixed as well. Anyways I go to check on the car and see if they found anything yet. They said that I had bad gas and cleared my code. They also said I keep getting a code for bad thermostat but my thermostat was fine and saturn is releasing a ecu update to fix the problem. So then I inquired if they fixed the bucking problem. They said that they didn't have the software yet. I asked why saturn was screwing them when other people have gotten it done around the country. I then got on here from there computer and started showing them some of these threads. That got the head technician to come over and talk to me. This guy was a dick from hell. He proceeded to tell me he works on redlines all the time and none of them have this problem and that it is not a problem GM is addressing. He goes on to say that if it was a problem people in much colder states, like Alaska (yes he said Alaska) would be having major problems. I lost my cool at this point and told him I didn't give a shit how many redlines he has worked on that this is a wide spread problem whether he is aware of it or not. I then gave him a TSB to check. He left for a minute and came back acting like a totally different person. He found it, said it is a recal to use a 2005 disc 13 and they only had disk 12 at that point. That guy really pissed me off. I gave the service guy this forum so he may be reading this, if so your tech is a dick head.
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Which dealership was that at?? I have had some really bad techs at the Ann Arbor Saturn. So much for Saturn's "People First". lol
What dealership did you take it to?? Please don't say Saturn of Clarkston. Thats my usual dealership but I haven't had any service issues at all...but if I need to get the ECU update and they are going to give me a hard time about it I will go elsewhere.
I feel for you guys.........The service guys at Saturn of Denver and Highlands Ranch are awesome, I want somthing tell the parts guys, I get it.....If it ain't out yet, when it is they call me. They are into my car almost as much as I am, so they treat me really well and always do what I ask.......
it was saturn of Grand Rapids. I am sure he deals with a lot of people with misinformation about things which is why he had the attitude, but he definately acted alot nicer after reading the TSB. BTW does anyone know where I can read verbatim what the tsb reads?
I wasn't sure if I would get the update at my Saturn dealer because while one of the service guys were driving me to work in my car from the dealership, I was letting him hear the back firing problem and he was commenting that this is probably the first redline that has come into service there. When I started playing dumb and mentioning that I search on the Internet and found some people with a similar problem where it was fixed by flashing the computer, he looked at me all puzzled and said "They updated the computer?" At this point I said out loud, "Oh boy. PLEASE look in the bulletins for this because you will find it there. I know that this update will fix the problem." It says on my invoice that they called TAC (whatever that is) and they were instructed to reprogram the PCM.

So, apparently you just have to tell them that the car is running rough and rich, and backfiring all the time and you will get the flash.
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