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Touch Up Paint or Professional Paint Job

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Some a**hole, almost hit me, I swerved but, scratched up the passenger side rocker panel on a cement curb instead, how pissed am I. I've had my black RL for just two weeks. Should I just buy some touch up paint, or should I have it professionally repainted the rocker panel only needs worked on. It's really not that bad, but noticeable.

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well is it a scratch or a huge scuff?
Pretty large scratch, small scuff. Right Under the rear door good 3-4" long
If you cant get rid of it yourself I say get it repainted.For the rocker panel flat back would not look that bad and you would be different from everyone else.
Ok, I like the look of the factory paint, does anyone sell matching paint to touch it up with
Call the parts department at the dealership where you bought the car. They can match the color with some paint for you
Just my $0.02.
I reversed into a 3' pole (I'm still pissed) and just got my car back last Thursday. In my oppinion the car is still new so unless it comes out will a little work get it fixed. You've only had it for 2 weeks and I'm sure you want it looking like new for more than that.
I lost half of my "great deal" with that repair but at least it looks new again.
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