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Toying with a 325i

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Going about 80, was somewhat in a hurry to get out of class and get my 1-day weekend started when I saw these off-blue headlights. The car was initially going a regular speed, but when he noticed I was going 80 he tried to go faster to pass me. I saw him trying to charge ahead and I dropped it into 4th and gunned it. Well needless to say he couldn't catch me. I got stuck behind some traffic and he passed on the right lane. I pulled up behind him, noticed that he looked like he had 3 people w/him, 2 girls sitting in the back. One of the girls looked back just as traffic started to clear so I dropped it back into 4th, blew her a kiss and a wave, then passed them on the Right side. He tried to keep me from passing but by the time he was ready to change lanes (into my lane) I was already past him. I took it up past 120 and saw him get smaller and smaller. I did some light breaking waiting for him to catch up, when he'd get a certain distance I'd drop the hammer again and pull on him. I tell ya what, there's nothing like embarrassing a BMW full of someone and their friends, I'm sure his friends ate it up too hehe :D
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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