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U MUST Watch THIS VID!!!!!

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This is our local track, Norwalk Raceway Park and a little vid one of their employees put together from pics of select '04 races. This is THE premier IHRA track in the US and probably in the top 5 of all US tracks. NOBODY out promotes the Bader family, though. They are the NUMBER 1 dragrace show promoters in the world. If you havent seen an "NRP Night Under Fire" You ain't seen nuttin'.

Just a note, it you are thinking about right clicking and saving, It's around 40 MB.
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not too bad. I was hoping to see some racing though.
Its 40mb :p
Yea it's definetely 40mb...not 5 gig....
jpapa said:
Yea it's definetely 40mb...not 5 gig....
Thanks for the correction, I didn't even see the file size only went off of a comment in the forum I got the link from. I should have double checked, my bad.
There just scaring people into not D/Ling it, cause it will still eat bandwidth if 500 people D/L a 40mb file. =]
Aeain said:
That's a pretty good video!
I've seen a few pretty good put together vids of maching gun shoots from the gun boards that I frequent, but the talent this guy has just blew me away. The syncronization of the audio with the changing scenes... top notch. Then I read some of the comments in the thread and the guy explains why we are impressed. Seems he went to college for video production and worked in TV in Cleveland for a few years before returning to his hometown of Norwalk Ohio. Can we say... RINGER. Still, props to a job well done. I was there last June for the "night under fire" where most of those pics were snapped and to say the least, a lot of memories flooded back upon watching that vid.
I've seen that show a few times now. They also hold it in Bradenton Florida.
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