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Vents under seats?

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I was looking for my digital camera today and I looked under the front seats of my car. It looks to me like there are air vents under there. Have a look under your seats and lemme know what you think.
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yea they are air vents, i think just to get air to the back seats faster
i noticed that today too while vacuming the car :) Pretty cool.
I think most cars have it, my '99 cavalier did.
Yeah, I had a bach of M&M's under there, I grabbed them while I was going to work after the heater was on, all melty. Neet idea though, and not uncommon.
Holy spelling errors unknownsuperhero - a bach of M&M's, neet idea . . . have you been drinking? LOL, but seriously, didn't know those vents existed. Maybe now people won't bitch about being cold in the winter who ride backseat.
at least there feet wont be cold
Most Saturns have that vent under there. My 91 SL and 2003 SL2 had them
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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