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Viper and a '66-'68 Malibu/Chevelle

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I just followed one of the fastest rush hour driving displays I've ever seen...

I think these guys were buddies, since I saw them following each other down this small side street, turn onto the main road that I was waiting too, and then take off in a cloud of exhaust and tire smoke. OMFG! They were going almost right past my house, racing at every chance. I was pushing 70, just trying to catch them after they slowed down, and next thing I know they must have been pushing well over 100. On a 45mph street, weaving through traffic like it wasn't even there. I really think that my 100mph is a conservative estimate too. Result... Chevelle, winner. At least every time I saw them take off. Not by a little bit either, I never got anywhere close enough to see, or hear either car up close. The Chevelle didn't even look that worked from the outside, but you could see a monster tach, fire extinguisher, and such. At least from the one second that they turned in front of me before they ever started racing.

Ya, it's not really a kill story, but man was it fun to watch... so if you live in the NW burbs of Chicago, and see a mild looking, black, late 60's Chevelle/Malibu at the light, make sure it's not a Viper killer laying low...
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One time I revved up to a malibu at a light. I was in my truck, the guy just looked over at me like "ok". When the light turned green he took off so fast his front end lifted off the ground about an inch. It sounded mean but I didnt think it was that crazy! I wanted to ask him what he had but he was long gone in a matter of seconds.
man that sounds like a blast to be a part of.
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