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Wanna hear my supercharger..

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As promised, video finally made of the completely open airbox mod and the sweet supercharger sound that scares people. Enjoy!
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:eek: pretty loud to bad my dad wont let me do that has to be a real aftermarket product :(
How Did You Get It That Loud?
Little RED said:
How Did You Get It That Loud?
yes....inquiring minds would like to know :D
I heard the SC......and alot-o-wind

Yah that's nice, I did that too and yah, it's pretty damn loud, sounds so sweet. And yah, I don't think my dad would be too thrilled to see me taking a chainsaw to my airbox but 'what daddy doesn't know don't hurt him.'
i just have barrys mod and mine sounds about the same from another car.
I have no more airbox. Except for about an inch of it left to cover from the tranny.
:D Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!
can you post a pic of what u did? i would like to c
Have I mentioned how much I love seeing vids of all your guys' cars? :D
I hope your being serious!
Redline686 said:
I hope your being serious!
I'm as serious as I am about my own car.;) Trust me, I definitely dig Redlines.
Theres my old baby, the trade in for the Redline. Noticed you live in Davenport.. I was born in Moline, IL, about 15 mins from ya.


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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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