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Posted this in the FB group, so I thought I'd post it here for those who haven't seen it.

I had fun at #WannaGOFAST Ocala in the turbo Redline. I ran about the speeds I expected and learned some lessons for my next half-mile event. The weather was nice, but there was a 5-10 mph head/crosswind all day. Got some smirks at first being the only Saturn, but those turned into surprised looks and quite a few thumbs up.

The car ran well. I made 11 passes with no issues. The only problem the car had was that the plug gap was too wide at 0.028" and I got spark blowout. I didn't feel like messing with it, so I left it where it was and was limited to 22.5psi. The passes less than 130mph listed below were the ones I got greedy on and attempted to turn the boost up. I ran faster than quite a few of the V8 guys.

Passes in order:
108.30 (tried to hit 23.5psi)
144.13 (Best pass)
110.24 (Got greedy with the boost knob again)

I was the winner of the FWD class, the attached video is of me versus the 2nd place car, a Z24 Cavalier with a M62 supercharger. He trapped 123 on this run. I trapped 144. It's obvious how useless 1st and 2nd are, but then the car comes alive in 3rd.

The venue was awesome. The runway is nice and wide with plenty of runoff. I'll definitely make the trip again when life allows.

I showed that LSJ-T Redlines are plenty reliable. I drove the car 750+ miles round trip and made 11 passes which pushed the car far beyond what GM ever intended. I still have 3rd gear on the stock F35 and the GMPP clutch didn't slip once. I passed 123,000 miles on the stock shortblock on the drive home.


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Glad to see you were finally able to make some passes after the fiasco in NOLA!

Your reliability is outstanding. I've got similar mileage (120K) and my fifth gear has been grinding for 70K miles! :frown2:
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