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Want a Hotwheels redline. Or any car for that matter?

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I just found out from work that Hot Wheels (ya the guys who make those little cars) will actually be making wheels for real cars. The best part about this is that I have been told, unofficially though, that when the wheels first come out Hot Wheels will make a model of your exact car.
This is just in the preliminary stages right now and I'm trying to find out more info at the moment. I'm betting the exact details will be announced around the time SEMA is going to happen.
I plan on doing this for my SRT-4, and hope to try and get a RL ION from someone. Oh, Hot Wheels is going to be exclusive to Discount Tire Co. (
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Omg I Could Get A Beat Up 96 Ford Contour Hot Wheels!
I know someone who has a Hot Wheels edition ION sedan. It's kinda cool, but there aren't too many changes ... a pinstripe style flame graphic down the side, different seat covers and floor mats, and a nameplate in the door frame that says "Hot Wheels edition" and has the legal stuff about how it's an official Hot Wheels design.

I'm interested to hear more about Hot Wheels wheels. I doubt they'd make a personalized car just for you, but they might give you one if they already have it (i.e. a blue Hot Wheels ION QC, which they already produce).
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