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weapon-r vs scdyne

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which header is everyone leaning towards and why?
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well i am a weapon dealer and have yet to actually see these. i called to see when they were available and was told not yet... whatever that means. weapon r makes some good stuff just getting it from them and them keeping stuff in stock is horrible. but nothing nice to say about scydyne either though. my buddy ordered a header from him and almost got screwed he finally got it but it was like trying to pull teeth out with a door knob. so i really guess i cant answer that. wish i could. if you can get the weapon r one im sure its a good producty thier stuff usually is pretty good.
id like to see some feedback on the weapon r before i buy it

and zfactor are u ever gonna pm me back?
im sorry about that my wife was on here and deleted (buy accident) :rolleyes: some of my pm's she didnt tell me until the next day i do apologize what was it about?? i have gotten so many pm recently thanks and again sorry about that shes just pissed because im finishing my redline first
I'm going to be the first to get it, once they finish they are going to put it on for me. I'm sure it will be bad ass, thier intake they made for me is bad ass..
Dl Rl

DL RL you have that greddy OBX syle muffler what does it sound like in your opinion! i saw one for cheap and it looks good quality!!!! do you have pics or a sound clip????
I have it, it's not on yet. I'm waiting for weapon-r to dyno my car baseline, then with intake, then with header. I will put on the exhaust after that and I will dyno agian on my own.
wont you need new exhaust to put the weapon header on? How is the intake compared to k&n?
Don't even mess with SCripoff. At least with the weapon-r you would get it sooner than 6 months from now.
matt said:
Don't even mess with SCripoff. At least with the weapon-r you would get it sooner than 6 months from now.
After all the bullshit everyone put up with, Im waiting for the R header.
I've been impressed with the quality of the weapon-r stuff I've worked with in the past. Pretty well built though I'm not a fan of foam filters. Other than that good stuff at a decent price.
D3XXFR said:
Maybe I missed something on this listing but my guess is that this is for the 2.2 ION, not the Redline.
bah I didn't relize I copied the wrong link. But yea I knew I seen it on there.
not sure about the intake though it seems to be just a standard style intake not like the k&n style which would suffer from heat soak at idle. dr correct me on this is yours a cold air or is the filter right to the side and just under the motor thanks
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