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What about the intercooler?

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I was taking my first good look under the hood this evening, and I couldn't help but notice that the intercooler lines just seem to run through the radiator. Is that right? Is there a seperate radiator for the intercooler, or does it just work like an automatic trans cooler in most older cars? Would there be anything to gain from seperating the intercooler into its own small radiator, like an oil cooler type set-up or something?

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i've looked at it plenty of times and i believe that it's

A/C condensor
oil cooler
radiator (the intercooler lines go into the radiator)
unknownsuperhero said:
Has anyone thought about adding some water wetter to our intercooler? I hear it does wonders for the standard cooling system, but what if we syphoned out some out of the system and replaced it with a bottle. Is the stuff worth a sh*t or what? Any one have any suggestions or comments about it. If the stuff actually works, and helps dissipate heat faster then why not??
i don't know that you'd want to put a whole bottle in their, the intercooler unit only takes 2quarts of coolant. using a half bottle would probobly be fine
my coolant temps have stayed slightly lower with a full bottle in the engine coolant, i'm sure it'll keep the intercooler coolant levels lower.

plus, it's made by redline, and i've always found their products to be quality. haven't put any in the intercooler lines yet though
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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