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yeah you can get body kits for it. A lip kit wont work on the front and back because they are already differnt. But a full body kit will work but then why would you change something that already so Pretty?

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Only seen air filters, flywheels, brakes (pads), rotors, ummm... not too much more yet. The visual stuff, consists of emblems, vent visors, wheels, generic stuff really. I would assume that should change REAL fast, not too many sports coupes in the tuner crowd use the Ecotec with a seriousness, in Chicago here that is. I imagine just about the time I learn how to get the front wheels to stop spinning all the way through second, there should be some parts to make me start spinning again. I'll take it...

Of course I now realized you're probably only talking about the visual modifications....


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LoungeLizard said:
I know there are the grill inserts.......... but thats about it, it seems like. Is there really anything else out there?
There's always all the different wheel choices...
I realize that there's not a whole lot of choice as far as the 5 x 110 bolt pattern (why is this?), and I've been told that there are brake caliper clearance considerations as well.

I don't have anything against the stock RLI rims but my deal included an additional set of winter tires which were promptly installed when I bought the vehicle a month ago (it's been an awfully long month waiting to break the engine in).

Anyway, here's a picture of the rims I purchased last night for the summer tires. They are American Eagle MSR Series 190 and should fit into the stock tires. Let me know what you think. The price I paid (including our 15% tax, installation and caliper painting) was $644 (Canadian, about $458.39 USD before taxes).


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