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Why does every review of the Redline say 'Numb steering'

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Why does every review of the Redline say that it's numb steering is so bad, that it isn't worth discussion, yet the Cobalt is great? Can someone answer me that? I get so pissed on a day-to-day basis over this matter. It's the same steering setup, suspension, springs, power steering, you name it. Is this just typical 'crappy Saturn' mentality or what? Does anyone here think that it has 'numb steering'. I always hear this term thrown around, and I've seen it in some old beater cars that I've driven before, but not in this car. It turns a whole lot more crisply than a Civc would ever hope to. Seems like if a 'sports coupe' dosen't transmit expansion cracks right to the steering wheel, it has numb steering. I've never drive anything other than sports cars/coupes, except for my last Saturn, and I just don't get how this car has numb steering. Maybe I'm confused about what that term really means?
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The steering ratio, etc. on the Redline is GREAT. It is much better than the last two cars I've owned. My idea of numb steering is that it doesn't communicate all the little nuances of the road through the wheel, which the Redline doesn't. It handles great, but doesn't have the "feel" of a sports sedan, etc.

BTW, I agree about the numb comment to a point, but love how easily the wheel turns with the electric steering.

This, of course, is all MHO.
Well, maybe living in a northern city, large city, with bad roads, makes me appreciate the lack of every detail. I still feel most, if I can see the crack in the road ahead of me, I know that I'll fell it as well. I don't want the steering wheel to let me feel every mini crack. I guess numb to car mags is not 'numb' to all of us!
Moral of the story..........

If I may quote Mr. Dangerfield.

"No Respect. I get no respect, I tell ya."
It's numb. Its precise, but it does filter out alot of the road feel. I think gm puts the motor on the steering column while VW puts it in the actual rack. So far the VW electric steering has been getting better reviews.
If they want to un-numb the steering they should inflate the tires to 60lbs, then you could hit a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.
Personally I love it, NO complaints at all and has a HELL of a better turning radius than my old SRT-4.
I was just thinking about this the other day on the drive home. The steering doesn't provide as much 'feel' of the road as other cars. By the same token, it is far more precise and actually easier to drive with. The steering was a big selling point for me in buying my redline.

I find it to be very video-game-esq, especially in the Gran Turismo style. If you have played that game I think you'll agree driving the redline is alot like driving a car out of those games simply because the steering is feelingless yet precise. Once you get used to it you can really enjoy it :)
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