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Windshield weather stripping

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Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.

While driving down the highway yesterday afternoon, I was shocked to find the rubber strip accross the top of the windshield suddenly coming through the sunroof at me. It was 95% out of the channel so I simply reached up and grabbed it the threw it in the back seat. I wasn't going particularly fast (65-70) but I had a fairly significant headwind.

I'll take it in on Monday and have the service manager take a look at it.

Anyone esle? (or am I just the lucky one)

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Sorry, I haven't had that problem yet, but then again, I only have 1k miles on my '04...I had to make sure my wife was with me when I went over the 1k mark!...she loved it just as much as I did :).
My g'f is having the same exact problem! Had the windshield replaced several months ago and ever since, the weatherstripping has come off twice. Tired of bringing it back to the clowns that installed the glass and tried to glue the thing back in myself, but only made a mess that I wasnt expecting. Now I'm in the middle of it and can only deal with this crap on a Sat.

Cant wait for it to come off a third time :rolleyes: Piss poor weatherstripping design.....not even designed to actually grab onto the car ----> is why it comes off to begin with. Damn, it's 2006 and this is the shit you gotta deal with on a new car.
Happened twice to mine. I had to get corporate on my side to get it fixed right. They tried to say that I did it myself.
Hmm, not surprised. The back of this weatherstripping is hardly anything to grab a hold of the car, and barely any sort of design to grab the glass....huh, actually nothing at all, except whatever sealant is used. On many of these seals, you'll see some type of "tooth" design that grabs the edge of the glass once it's beat into the groove. This thing has jack shit but a smooth groove to slip over the glass....with wind resistance constantly pushing it in the opposite direction. Happened to her twice....both while on the hwy. not too convinced it'll ever stay on for good :(
It only happened to me when it was hot as balls out. I think that might have something to do with it too. I'm sure my car being black didn't help either. They had to get their glass guy to take off my windshield and put it back on. They didn't fix the scratches but Saturn gave me 100 bucks to use at the dealership. I've been saving it for the stage flash but now that HP did their thing I just don't know.
Happened to me couple of months back. Just one other they to add to the list of RL problems, I love a little bundle of blue.
Are any of you having this issue on an 06 RL?
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