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After my fuel injectors were replaced the tec told me that I had rust in them. He said that it was due to my engine being built and crated waiting for the body to fit in. Condensation then entered my fuel lines and caused a small amount of rust. After putting in petro the rust broke free and settled in my FI restricting the pindle inside. This caused the injector to leak which in turn caused the smoke and poor idling after start up. But my WTF statement is my car now runs like a champ and I dont mean like it should I mean this fucking car is fast. I went to a Ford dealership to just look at the new 05 390 HP Rousch Mustangs(beautiful pieces of machinary) they got in when a salesman asked to drive my car. Ignoriantly I agreed and he creamed his pants. He couldnt believe this was a Satty after hitting 131 MPH on a back road. Anyway I told the tech that this doesnt feel like the original RL I test drove and he stated that I should race another(no moded) to see. I live in jacksonville, FL but would travel a little distance to play. Actually I am in Terre Haute, IN right now and for a little while, so without the wife and kid would travel a little mor of a distance to play, any takers!!!!!!!!
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